Positions available

Currently, the lab has the current openings:

1. Computational modeller

The lab is searching for a honours undergraduate student or a graduate student interested in using computational methods to study the neural mechanisms at the level of the spinal cord by which locomotor activity is generated. A basic understanding of how neurons communicate is preferred. Experience writing code and/or performing computer simulations are required.

2. Electrophysiologists

The lab is searching for a graduate student interested in using electrophysiology to study the operations and development of the zebrafish nervous system as it relates to the control of movement. Prior electrophysiology experience is preferred but not required. However, a strong background in membrane biophysics and/or neurophysiology is required.

Contact Info:

Dr. Tuan Bui
Neural Motor Control Lab
Department of Biology
University of Ottawa
30 Marie Curie, Ottawa, K1N 6N5
Email: tuan.bui@uottawa.ca
Website: http://bui-lab.com
Phone: 613-562-5800 x7888